About Us

Established in 1993

Hi. My name is Warren Watson. I am an East London boy through and through. I did my schooling at Stirling Primary School and Selbourne College. I have been here pretty much my whole life.

After leaving school I started a garden refuse drum hire and clearing business which evolved into my current tree felling and plot clearing business. I have been in the game for a long time so I can safely say that I have an enormous amount of experience in it.

It might seem like a pretty easy business but it certainly is not. Firstly it is extremely dangerous and stringent attention needs to be paid to following safe practices. Secondly it is easy to cause damage to surroung structures so each job has to be carefully organised.

I love my business and have great customers so I feel priv1leged to be doing what I am passionate about

Over the years I have built up a core of exceptionally skilled employees. You only have to watch them in action to see how amazing they are.

I also have all the equipment to run an operation like this. It includes chainsaws, ladders, trimmers, safety equipment, bakkies and a tip truck. Not to mention my little motor bike that I take with me so I can zoom off to give you a quote while they are busy loading the truck.

I look forward to being of service to you

Warren Watson


Our mission is to provide a first class service at a price which is fair to both parties.


Our vision is to play an important part in the lives of our customers and our employees.