Our Services

Tree Felling and removal

No matter how big or small we will cut down any size tree for you. This includes removing the roots. We even do it in those very awkward places  where there is a threat to surrounding structures. We have the equipment to remove the cuttings from your property quickly and efficiently..

Plot Clearing

We will clear your plot of any trees or vegetation.


We often trim trees back when the owners want to keep them but find that they are obstructing lines or getting too close to buildings. We also trim hedges that are too high to reach.


Here are some of the questions our customers ask us.

It depends, but it will probably be a lot quicker than you think. If it is a big job we will bring in extra workers to speed it up. Using our 5 ton tip truck makes us so much more efficient than our competitors. I guess the answer is pretty quick

The answer is very unlikely. We have been doing this a long time so we know how to tackle every type of job.

You will be charged a fair price. We do a good job and you will get value for money. There will always be contractors who will try to do it cheaper but they won’t lasst long in business. We are extremely efficient so wont have factor lost time into our price.

Yes we do. Thats why you see the little motor bike on the back of the truck. I use it so that I can quickly come and do a quote for my customers.

They are amazing, they are so skilled at what they do, the answer no, they don’t get scared. They know what can and can’t be done. We will never tackle a job that will endanger them.